Sunday, 23 March 2014

Final Council meeting - 26/03/14

The very last full council meeting will be held at 7.30pm this Wednesday before voters across Havering over the age of 18 elect a new batch of councillors on Thursday 22nd May.

I hope to be part of that batch, and residents of Harold Wood, Harold Park and Harold Hill will let me know that on election day!

However, until then you can find out what questions the opposition Residents Association, Labour, Independent Residents Group, and UK Independence Party groups will be asking the current Conservative administration this week, and what motions will be discussed by clicking on our borough emblem below:

As ever, I will be tweeting live from the chamber where you can follow me @HaveringMeh.

I have been involved with the Residents’ Association for two years now, and have been out close to every weekend helping local people with any issues and keeping them up to date with our local publication the Bulletin.

For the next few months there will probably be fewer posts on this site because I will be spending a lot more time with my colleagues Darren Wise and Cllr Brian Eagling (RA, Harold Wood) on the doorstep talking to people and putting forward the arguments to get all 3 of us RA candidates elected.

We are here all year round, not just at election time!

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