Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Register to Vote in 2014

I just received my electoral register form today. If you're a Havering resident, you will also receive one at some point that looks something like this:

Please fill it out and send it back to Havering Town Hall as soon as possible.

P.S. It's not optional!!

There are going to be 2 elections in May next year: the local council elections (where I'm standing as a candidate in Harold Wood), and the European Parliament elections.

In order to vote for any candidate in either election, you need to fill out the form above to put your name on the electoral register.

Voting is not compulsory in the UK, but registering to vote IS.

If you fail to register, the maximum fine is a whopping £1000!

I would urge everyone to get involved in voting. If you don't vote, you can't complain when politicians do something you don't like!

These guys died to give you the right to vote in the UK:

In 1819, soldiers killed 15 and injured 700 peaceful demonstrators in Manchester
campaigning for the right to vote. The incident became known as the Peterloo massacre.
Emily Davison was jailed, tortured and eventually killed in 1913 after stepping in
front of the King's horse to gain women the right to vote. She was part of the
Suffragette movement.

Today, ordinary people across the world are fighting and dying for their democratic rights:

Campaigners from Egypt and Tunisia risk their lives to demonstrate for the right to vote.
(Did I mention the £1000 fine?!)

So please get involved in the political process. Just ask yourself...

  • Who has helped you solve the local issues you care about?
  • Who has kept you up to date all year round with local events and notices?
  • Who do you trust to stand up for and represent you?

So please register now. It's your vote - don't waste it!

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