Friday, 8 March 2013

Gooshays by-election 2013

As Harold Hill-ians go to the polls to vote for a new ward councillor, I will be covering the entire by-election from now until the result is announced.

Gooshays ward
I will be blogging and tweeting the latest developments on this site, including information and publications from ALL the candidates standing to give you a better understanding of who they are and what their parties stand for.

You will also get to read my own political take on each one.

On election night itself (Thursday 21st March), make sure you’re following @HaveringMeh on Twitter from 9.30pm where you will get live updates from the official count at Havering Town Hall.

Havering Town Hall, where I will tweet you the very latest

To get your electoral gonads geared up for a riveting couple of weeks, here is the full list of candidates standing in the 2013 Gooshays ward by-election in alphabetical order:
  • Mick Braun - British National Party
  • Malvin Paul Brown - Residents' Association of London
  • Marcus Christian Sebastian Llewellyn-Rothschild - Conservative Party
  • Christine Anne McGeary - Labour Party
  • Lawrence James Webb - UKIP Local Residents
  • Darren Christopher Wise - Harold Wood Hill Park Residents' Association

Ask me any questions or leave your comments either in the sections below or over Twitter.

BTW - I do have my own favourite candidate to win, and although I'm not going to tell you who that is (I wouldn't want you to think I'm biased or anything), please feel free to use the following Twitter hashtag:


So first on the list, Mick Braun who is standing for the British National Party...

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